Frequently Asked Questions

The main topics you need to know


ROOM ESCAPE MAKER is a web application to create escape games online for free. You can use it to build challenging point and click games with puzzles, hidden objects, safes with combination locks, and much more.


The website is meant to be family friendly. However, users can insert customized content and exchange opinions and information. We work to control this information as there are filters set up to eliminate inappropriate content inserted by users, but we do not make any warranty that the content won't appear online for a period of time. For this reason, young users are recommended to be guided and monitored by an adult when using ROOM ESCAPE MAKER.

It is the responsibility of the parents or adults in charge to guide and monitor young users when they are on the Internet.

For a more detailed answer, please read the Terms and Conditions and be sure you agree to it before viewing or accessing ROOM ESCAPE MAKER's website.


You can create an account, design and publish a few games for free, yes. Paying allows you to get more game projects, access to exclusive options and more content for your games.

Go to the shop page to discover all the offers.

I didn't receive my account activation code. What should I do?

Before you can login, you must activate your account with the code sent to your email address. If you don't receive the code after a few minutes, please send an emailsupport (at) roomescapemaker (dot) com from the same email address and specify your username. The code will be sent to you again. Don't forget to check your junk/spam folder. Sometimes it's there.

If you entered an incorrect email address, you will need to re-register with the correct email address.

Is there a tutorial?

There is no official tutorial but we do recommend an amazing video created by yrglou that teaches you all the basics of how to create an escape room online. If you have a specific question, you can also send us an emailsupport (at) roomescapemaker (dot) com. You'll get an answer as soon as possible in the following hours or days.

Can I add my own designs?

No. Games can only have designs from libraries available within the website. Those libraries are as complete as possible but unfurtunately, they will never cover all cases and ideas creators may have. However, if you think they can be improved, please send a requestsupport (at) roomescapemaker (dot) com and the request will be analyzed.

Go to ROOM ESCAPE MAKER's shop page to see all libraries available.

How do I customize texts in my game?

If you're creating a standard game, predefined texts are available for you to add in your game and you should be creative using only those sentences. Customized texts can only be entered in other types of project. Go to ROOM ESCAPE MAKER's shop page to learn more about these options.

Can my game contain item recipes?

The way to do that is by making the player use an item (A) from the inventory on another (B) in the view and then get a third resulted item (C) to appear and to be added into the inventory to replace the other two. It will seem like the two first items are being combined.

Not in standard and PREMIUM games. As listed in the publishing conditions below, this would make ROOM ESCAPE MAKER less secure. In PRO games external links are tolerated but are still reviewed. In any case, games with external links are not recommended as this makes the gaming experience less immersive.

Go to the shop page to discover all the offers.

How can I create more games?

If you don't have any empty projects left in your account, the immediate way to get more is by purchasing new ones in the shop page. However, you can also get more empty projects by staying active on the website and social media. ROOM ESCAPE MAKER may at times do giveaways or exclusive offers. Also, sponsoring newcomers when they create an account unlocks prizes, including empty game projects.

What's a PREMIUM game project?

PREMIUM projects were created for you to add an extra custom touch to your games. Specific features include:

  • Use of customized messages as long as they respect basic rules.
  • Possibility to add interactions in up to 480 items (120 items per game view).
  • Possibility to have an unlisted game
  • A game page without ad banners.

What's a PRO game project?

PRO projects allow even more customization than PREMIUM. Specific features include:

  • Use of customized messages and text popups. Links are tolerated if used in a non-abusive and non-malicious way.
  • Possibility to add interactions in up to 600 items (150 items per game view).
  • Possibility to edit the game even after it gets published. This requires sending it to review again.
  • Possibility to have password access only. PRO games are unlisted by default.
  • A game page without ad banners and with a neutral grayscale layout.

No personalization on the game page itself is possible besides ad banners removal when you're using a PREMIUM game project and simplified layout if it's a PRO game project.

What are the game publishing conditions?

If you want to share your game with others, sending a game to review first helps to find common bugs. It is also a way to verify that your game is free from malicious content. Just be sure you don't have anything else you want to change before sending your game to review. If it becomes eligible for publishing, the url address will become unavailable for other games you'll create, even if you decide to delete the game afterwards.

While on moderation, there are conditions that may prevent the game from being eligible for publishing.

Basic rules, mandatory and applied to ALL games:

  • Irrelevant title or description.
  • Inappropriate url, title, description or in game texts and codes. No extreme violence or sexually explicit content is accepted. This is a family website!
  • Title and description in other languages than English if the language is not set in game parameters.
  • Any kind of spamming. NO LINKS ARE ALLOWED in standard and PREMIUM games as they are not designed for it. The use of links could be done by people with malicious intentions for hacking or harm the computer of players. In PRO games external links are tolerated but are still monitored.
  • Any kind of copyright infringement.
  • A game with no ending or with bugs preventing players from ending the game.

Rules applied only for standard game projects:

  • Extreme simplicity. For example, if the game can be easily ended after a few seconds.
  • Items floating around or being displayed without logic and context.
  • Fake interactions during the game. Possible clicks but no visual feedbacks.
  • Items being used as something completely different or with no logical reason. For example, a tv being used on a key.
  • Unusual items being added to the inventory. For example, a wall crack or a door.
  • Useless items being added to the inventory. This only confuses players.
  • If the game is not an escape game. Having another main challenge than getting out of a room. For example, to find all the fruits.

Please note that even after a game is published, ROOM ESCAPE MAKER reserves the right to unpublish it at any time, for any reason. ROOM ESCAPE MAKER also reserves the right to delete any account at any time if malicious intentions are detected. Read more about the Terms and Conditions.

How long does it take for a game to get reviewed?

It may take up to a 48 hours but games are usually reviewed once or twice per day. This process is extremely important to avoid bugs and malicious content.

You can eventually publish a game skipping review if you get a certain amount of reputation.

How does reputation work?

Your reputation on ROOM ESCAPE MAKER is directly linked to the feedback you get when your games are sent to review. If a game is validated and gets ready for publishing, you gain reputation. If the game doesn't follow specific publishing conditions, you lose reputation. With reputation you may win specific prizes, including a new button in your account allowing you to skip review and publish any game directly. However, these games are still reviewed after being published and can be unpublished if not following basic rules. In this case, you will lose reputation and have to reedit your game for it to get published again.

What's an unlisted game?

An unlisted game doesn't appear in ROOM ESCAPE MAKER's homepage or game listing pages. It is also not featured in any social media ads and comment section doesn't not appear in the game page. However, setting up a game as unlisted after some time won't remove any previous advertising. Also, having a game unlisted or not won't prevent users with the url address to share with other people.

Can I download my games and play them offline?

No. ROOM ESCAPE MAKER was designed to have games played online to keep track of statistics. This helps creators have feedback and also helps promoting games.

Is it possible to create an account without email?

Secondary accounts are an easy way to share standard and PREMIUM game projects with people who need monitoring or just want to discover ROOM ESCAPE MAKER without having to sign up using an email address.

By creating a secondary account you generate a brand new account and give access to anyone you want but still having full visibility and control over it. This new account, however, has the following limitations:

  • Predefined username and password
  • Access only to avatars the primary account has
  • No access to the shop page
  • No access to reputation features
  • No possibility to add new game projects without transfer from the primary account
  • No possibility to receive gifts
  • No possibility to sponsor new accounts

After creating a secondary account, you have the option to transfer one or more of your empty game projects so they can be used within the account. If you ever decide to delete the secondary account, games will have to be cleared and then will be transfered back to your primary account as empty game projects. Secondary accounts have access to all of your libraries while creating games.

Since secondary accounts can't receive notifications by email, all the updates on their games are sent to the primary account's associated email address.

Which browsers does ROOM ESCAPE MAKER support?

ROOM ESCAPE MAKER was designed and tested mostly on Google Chrome version 76, but should work in all recent browsers that have similar standards. A list of supported web browsers include:

  • Google Chrome 76 or later for Windows and Android
  • Firefox Quantum 68 or later for Windows
  • Microsoft Edge 44 or later for Windows

How do I report bugs I may have found?

If the application have bugs or just options you don't understand, please contact ROOM ESCAPE MAKERsupport (at) roomescapemaker (dot) com with detailed information. The goal is to make playing and creating games a great experience for you.