Frequently Asked Questions

The main topics to know

What's an escape room?

An escape room is a game in which players have to discover clues, solve puzzles and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to achieve a specific goal in a limited amount of time. When played on a computer or a touch device, it is usually referred as a room escape or an escape game. It translates into a subgenre of point-and-click games, tipically requiring players to escape from imprisonment by exploiting virtual surroundings, simply by using the game interface.


Designed by Andre, an escape room enthusiast, ROOM ESCAPE MAKER is a free game editor to create escape rooms online. It allows you to easily build shareable, interactive, virtual rooms with clues, puzzles, hidden objects, safes with combination locks, and much more.


To create and play escape games, so basically to have fun. But you can also use it

  • to send games as gifts to your family and friends on special occasions
  • to improve your game design skills, creating games for the community
  • to teach, engaging students with gamified exercises
  • to advertise, guiding people to your brand and extending their experience
  • as remote teambuilding activity, coupled to a video conferencing tool


Anyone. The platform is family friendly. ROOM ESCAPE MAKER works to control inappropriate content although young users are recommended to be guided and monitored by an adult when using the site. For a more detailed answer, please read the Terms and Conditions.

Is it really free?

You can create an account, design and publish a few games for free, yes. Paying allows you to create more games and get access to exclusive graphics and features.

Visit the shop to discover all the options.

I didn't receive my account activation code. What should I do?

Before creating games, you must activate your account with the code sent to your email address. If you don't receive the code after a few minutes, please send an emailsupport (at) roomescapemaker (dot) com from the same email address and specify your username. The code will be sent to you again manually, as soon as possible. Don't forget to check your junk/spam folder. Sometimes it's there.

If you entered an incorrect email address, you will need to re-register with the correct email address.

Is it possible to create an account without email?

Secondary accounts are an easy way to share standard and PREMIUM game projects with people who need monitoring or just want to discover ROOM ESCAPE MAKER without having to sign up using an email address.

By creating a secondary account you generate a brand new account and give access to whoever you want but still having full visibility and control over it. This new account has the following limitations:

  • Predefined username and password
  • Access only to graphic libraries and unique items the primary account has (custom graphics and access by subscription are not transfered)
  • Access only to avatars the primary account has
  • No access to the shop
  • No access to reputation prizes
  • No possibility to add new game projects without transfer from primary account
  • No possibility to be a referrer

After creating a secondary account, you can transfer unused game projects (standard or PREMIUM) back and forth as long as they are unused. If you decide to delete the secondary account, games have to be cleared first in order to be transfered back.

Since secondary accounts can't receive notifications by email, all the updates on their games are sent to the primary account's associated email address.

Is there a tutorial?

Yes. A simplified tutorial is available within the website and ROOM ESCAPE MAKER tutorial videos with more details and tips on how to create your escape room can be found on the YouTube channel. However, if you have a specific question, you can send an emailsupport (at) roomescapemaker (dot) com.

What's a graphic library?

Each escape game is a combination of interactive graphics. These graphics are categorized as libraries and you have access to at least one when you create an account. Complementary libraries contain 32 graphics to expand your creative possibilities.

As you get new graphic libraries, you'll need to activate them to see the items in the editor.

Can I upload my own custom images?

Yes. This feature is available via coupons that you can purchase in the shop.
Learn more about custom graphics.

Please note that ROOM ESCAPE MAKER already has a large choice of graphics categorized as libraries and unique items. Libraries are as complete as possible but if you think they can be improved, you can also send a requestsupport (at) roomescapemaker (dot) com and it will be analyzed.

How do I customize texts in my game?

If you're creating a standard game, predefined texts are available for you to add in your game and you should be creative using only those sentences. Custom texts can only be entered in other types of project. Go to ROOM ESCAPE MAKER's shop to learn more about these options.

How do I use triggers?

Triggers are a feature available for PREMIUM, PRO and PRO PLUS projects. It greatly simplifies the process of creating complex events for games. For example, if you need something to happen when the player has specific objects in their inventory or if you need a door to open when multiple card readers are activated. There are 4 conditions types for graphics to be shown or hidden with triggers:

  • Items are in inventory
  • Items are removed from the inventory
  • Items are visible in room
  • Items are not visible in room

Note that triggers happen AFTER click event effects and that each trigger can only activate its effects once during the game.

Watch the Triggers tutorial on YouTube for more information.

It depends of the type of project you're working on. No links are allowed in standard and PREMIUM projects. The use of links could be done by people with malicious intentions for hacking or harm the computer of players. In PRO projects links are tolerated but are still monitored. In any case, games with links are not recommended as this makes the gaming experience less immersive.

If you're interested in adding a link at the end of your game to redirect players somewhere, this is an exclusive feature for PRO PLUS game projects.

Visit the shop to discover all the offers.

How can I get more game projects?

The immediate way to get more is by purchasing in the shop. Being a referrer to newcomers also unlocks projects at the moment they publish their first game. In general, you can just stay active on the platform and on social media. ROOM ESCAPE MAKER may at times do giveaways and exclusive offers.

Yes. A logo can be displayed in the introduction popup on PRO PLUS game projects. To add your logo as part of the game, it needs to be integrated as custom graphic. Both options are available in the shop.

What's a PREMIUM game project?

PREMIUM projects were created to add an extra custom touch to your games. Specific features include:

  • Possibility to add up to 480 copies of graphics you have in your account (120 per game view instead of 60).
  • Use of custom messages with up to 48 characters as long as they respect basic publishing guidelines.
  • Triggers, a feature that allows you to show and hide items AFTER click events, when specific conditions are met.
  • Mini games, including the Scramble Spin Puzzle and the Tile Swap Puzzle. You can add custom messages with up to 48 characters.
  • A custom message with up to 192 characters to appear at the end of the game.
  • A game page without ad banners.

What's a PRO game project?

PRO projects allow even more customization than PREMIUM. Specific features include:

  • Possibility to add up to 960 copies of graphics you have in your account (240 per game view instead of 60).
  • Use of custom messages with up to 48 characters and text popups with up to 192 characters. Links are tolerated if used in a non-abusive way.
  • A game page without ad banners, with a neutral grayscale layout and no links to other games.
  • Possibility to edit the game even after it gets published. This requires a new review.
  • A button to skip review and publish your game directly (games are still reviewed afterwards and can be unpublished if not following basic publishing guidelines).
  • Game access with password. PRO games are unlisted by default and can be set as public only if no inconvenience is found during review.
  • Scoreboard to keep track of players. It can save up to 500 players and be exported to CSV.

What's a PRO PLUS game project?

PRO PLUS is the ultimate project type that contains all the features ROOM ESCAPE MAKER can offer including features from PREMIUM and PRO. This is ideal for brands or specific events, as its exclusive features include :

  • Addition of 2 custom colors in the game page.
  • Your logo in the game introduction popup.
  • The possibility to add a link at the end of your game and redirect players to another website.

Here's an example of PRO PLUS branded game.

What type of project is best for me?

Here's a summary table on how different types of projects can impact your games:

Maximum number of graphic uses
Texts displayed in game
Custom messages (no links) - example
Messages and popups - example
Messages and popups - example
Possible publishing delay during review
48h or no delay * if subscribed
No delay
Triggers Read about triggers
Mini games
Ad banners removal in game page
Re-edition after publishing game
Game access by password
Scoreboard - example
Own logo in game intro popup
Ending game link
Transfer to secondary accounts Read about secondary accounts

What are the prices in my currency?

Prices in the shop are set directly with PayPal. To get prices in another currency please check their currency exchange information.

Can I get unlimited access to the platform?

ROOM ESCAPE MAKER has subscription options that includes the following features:

  • Unlimited PRO game projects. Note that direct publishing is not available during free trial.
  • Access to any library of content you need for these projects.
  • A button to duplicate projects in order to create similar games.
  • No advertising banners while logged in.

You can not upgrade games you already had before subscription and new games from subscription may become unavailable when the subscription period ends.

This option is recommended for those who want to create one or a few games for an upcoming event or for those who just want to create many games at any time without having to purchase projects and graphic libraries independently.

There is no subscription plan to access unlimited PRO PLUS projects.

What are the game publishing guidelines?

If you want to share your game with others, sending a game to review first helps to find common bugs. Review is also a way to ensure that the platform is free of spam and inappropriate content. Just be sure you don't have anything else you want to change before sending your game to review. Once a game is reviewed, the URL becomes unavailable for other games you'll create, even if you decide to delete the game afterwards. Only PRO game projects can be edited after a review. This way, players can enjoy the platform without having the games change all the time.

While on review, there are a few conditions that may prevent the game from being eligible for publishing.

Basic conditions, applied to ALL games:

  • Irrelevant title or description.
  • Inappropriate URL, title, description or in game texts and codes. No violence, suicide, hate or sexually explicit content is accepted. This is a family website, and the priority is the well-being and safety of everyone.
  • Texts in other languages than English if the language is not set in game parameters.
  • Any kind of spamming. NO LINKS ARE ALLOWED in standard and PREMIUM projects. In PRO projects external links are tolerated but are still monitored.
  • Any kind of copyright infringement.
  • A game with no ending or with bugs preventing players from ending the game.

Conditions applied only for STANDARD game projects:

  • Extreme simplicity. For example, if the game can be easily ended after a few seconds.
  • Items floating around or being displayed without logic and context.
  • Fake interactions during the game. Possible clicks but no visual feedback.
  • Items being used as something completely different or with no logical reason. For example, a tv being used on a key.
  • Useless items being added to the inventory. This only confuses players.
  • Pixel hunts or if the game is not an escape game. For example, if the player has to find all the fruits.

Please note that even after a game is published, ROOM ESCAPE MAKER reserves the right to unpublish it at any time, for any reason. ROOM ESCAPE MAKER also reserves the right to delete any account at any time if malicious intentions are detected. Read more about the Terms and Conditions.

How long does it take for a game to get reviewed?

To publish a game you need to first send it to review. Although games are usually reviewed once or twice per day, this may take up to a 48 hours. The process is extremely important to avoid important in-game bugs and malicious content on the platform.

Eventually you can publish your games skipping review if you're editing a PRO or PRO PLUS project or get a certain amount of reputation on the website.

How does reputation work?

Your reputation on ROOM ESCAPE MAKER is directly linked to the feedback you get when your games are sent to review. If a game is validated and gets ready for publishing, you gain reputation. If the game doesn't follow specific publishing guidelines, you lose reputation. With reputation you may win specific prizes, including a new button in your account allowing you to skip review and publish games directly. However, these games are still reviewed after being published and can be unpublished if not following basic publishing guidelines. In this case, you will lose reputation and have to reedit your game for it to get published again.

What's an unlisted game?

An unlisted game doesn't appear in ROOM ESCAPE MAKER's homepage or game listing pages. It is also not featured in social media ads. However, setting up a game as unlisted after some time won't remove any previous advertising. Please note that having a game unlisted or not won't prevent users with the URL to share it with other people.

The option to change this setting is available by default for standard and PREMIUM games but not for PRO games, as they usually require private information or external resources that not everyone has access to. It is during game review that the option is made available or not, depending on its content.

Could someone create a game for me?

Not exactly but the site does have templates. If you don't have time to create a room, you can choose a roomescapemaker game and then purchase a template in the shop. You'll receive a project From Template and be able to set it as a copy of the chosen game. This allows you to edit only the part you want and quickly publish an escape room from your account.

A template is a PRO PLUS game project. You get access to all graphics available from the copied game at the time of purchase, but only for this project. It does not include custom graphics, but you can purchased this separately to make your game more unique.

Can I embed a game into my website?

No. For now the structure of each game is designed to be played directly in ROOM ESCAPE MAKER's platform.

Can I download my games and play them offline?

No. ROOM ESCAPE MAKER was designed to have games played online to keep track of statistics. This helps creators have feedback and promote their games.

Where can I exchange with other creators?

A Facebook group was created for community exchanges but you can also find ROOM ESCAPE MAKER and other creators on all the platforms below.

Feel free to add your own social media links in your profile settings if you're open for other creators and players to contact you.

Which browsers does ROOM ESCAPE MAKER support?

ROOM ESCAPE MAKER was designed mainly for desktop and tested on Google Chrome version 76, but should work in all recent browsers that have similar standards. A list of supported web browsers include:

  • Google Chrome 76 or later for Windows and Android
  • Firefox Quantum 68 or later for Windows
  • Microsoft Edge 44 or later for Windows

The website was made usable for mobile and tablet devices but the experience is still better on a larger screen.

How do I report bugs I may have found?

If the application have bugs or just options you don't understand, please contact ROOM ESCAPE MAKERsupport (at) roomescapemaker (dot) com with detailed information. The goal is to make playing and creating games a great experience for you.

How can I delete my account?

Just send an messagesupport (at) roomescapemaker (dot) com from the email address you used to create your account so your identity can be verified. All your information will be deleted as requested. You won't be able to access your account or games anymore.