Custom Graphics

Adding your own graphics to your games

What kind of graphics can I add?

Basically any graphic to be used in your game as item or background, with the exception of:

  • Inappropriate content. No extreme violence or sexually explicit content is allowed.
  • Graphics that contain long texts. There is no point of using images for this. Contextual texts must be included directly as messages in the editor.
  • Graphics with copyright infringement. If you want to add a specific graphic that contains copyrighted content from a third party, you need to provide proof that you can use this graphic in your game. If you don't have one, you can ask the owner to fill a document granting permission to use their material. Please send copyright related documents to ROOM ESCAPE MAKER at the same time you send the graphic.

In case you just want a design to be adapted from an existing ROOM ESCAPE MAKER graphic (something to be added in a frame or poster, for example), know that you can request this kind of simple edit to be done directly by ROOM ESCAPE MAKER.

Custom Graphic Example

Please note that even after a graphic is added to your account, ROOM ESCAPE MAKER reserves the right to remove it at any time if malicious intentions are detected, for example. Read more about the Terms and Conditions.

How do I add my own graphics?

Custom graphics are a paid service. You can purchase a custom graphic coupon in the shop. A notification will then appear in your account, above the other in-game graphics you own.

The process of adding custom graphics is done by email. The integration requires admin intervention as your graphics are added to ROOM ESCAPE MAKER's editor with unique parameters and linked to your account only. Secondary accounts do not have custom graphics transfered.

When sending a specific graphic to be added to your account, be sure it's the final version and that it follows the recommendations listed below. This will avoid any additional delay as the integration can already take up to 48 hours.

Updates on any graphic are based on common sense. If you need to change it for some reason, you can send it again explaining why, as long as you haven't already published a game using this graphic. No more changes are accepted after this.

What are the technical requirements for items?

For a graphic to be used as an item and to be easily integrated, technical requirements are:

  • Image resolution must be at least 40x40 px and not greater than 720x720 px.
  • Image must be in .png file format to allow transparency around the final item.

It is recommended that the image does not include drop shadow. Each part of the image will be interactive in the same way. It doesn't make sense to click on the shadow of a hammer to grab the hammer, for example.

Grid Example

As you can see, the main library uses orthographic perspective and items have light source coming from above and low contrast. It is recommended to check the style of existing items and test with screenshots for integration with the website's libraries if you plan to use them too.

Also, note that ROOM ESCAPE MAKER uses a grid filled with 20x20 pixels squares. You can download this example as a reference to simulate your placements and imagine how your item would work with the main library.

When sending your graphic to be used as an item, please specify:

  • Your username
  • A title for the item in the editor
  • A title for the item in games. This title will appear if a player adds the item to the inventory.

What are the technical requirements for backgrounds?

A custom graphic can also be an entire room view background. In this case, the requirements are:

  • Image resolution must be 1280x720 px.
  • If you still want to use the editor's color picker for wall and floor, you need to have transparency. The room wall color is set in the top 560 pixels and the floor color in the bottom 160 pixels.
  • Image must be in .png file format.

When sending your graphic to be used as a background, please specify:

  • Your username
  • A title for the background

Do I keep my intellectual property rights?

Graphics you send to ROOM ESCAPE MAKER can appear in your games like any other graphic from the platform. However, the owner still keeps full rights on these graphics. ROOM ESCAPE MAKER may edit these graphics for better integration while exchanging with you and reserves the right to delete it if you do not follow the Terms and Conditions, but in no circumstances your graphics will be used for other purposes than to appear in your game. No advertising will be done using these graphics without your consent.

By having a custom graphic added to a game, please note that your project is automatically set as unlisted. You can not have a public game with custom graphics displayed in the website unless ROOM ESCAPE MAKER grants authorization.