Find all Room Escape games created by Pharos.


  • Horrorscape by Pharos Screams coming from the old Lawson house made you curious enough to sneak in. Now you want nothing more than to get out.... Average Rating: 64.3% (37 votes) Displayed 11684 times
  • Easterscape by Pharos Your kids thought your Easter Egg Hunt was too hard, so they locked you in the house as a challenge. Escape and celebrate! Average Rating: 73.3% (9 votes) Displayed 1604 times
  • Robberscape by Pharos Falsely arrested and imprisoned by a corrupt banker, you plan your escape and get a chance to take your revenge as well... Average Rating: 56% (5 votes) Displayed 1241 times
  • Solverscape by Pharos Trapped in a peculiar room, use your puzzle-solving and improvisational skills to make your way out! Average Rating: 83.3% (6 votes) Displayed 1083 times