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  • The Lost Ticket by jrbirckbichler What TIME do I need to leave? Average Rating: 71.1% (591 votes) Displayed 39134 times
  • Quintuple Digit Escape by Crocea With items hidden all over this chamber and the key to your freedom concealed, figure out codes and make your way out! Average Rating: 74.1% (194 votes) Displayed 34091 times
  • Prison Escape by jmjustin you are a prisoner on death row. you just finished your last meal and they are on their way to get you. you must break out! Average Rating: 74.5% (253 votes) Displayed 27439 times
  • First room by Madball Trying the maker. This is my first room. Average Rating: 70.7% (119 votes) Displayed 24896 times
  • Noomscape 2 by Nooms Activate ten buttons to unlock the door and escape! Average Rating: 74.9% (168 votes) Displayed 21293 times
  • Green Escape by ani I am locked into this room. Help me to get out from here. Thanks. Average Rating: 75.9% (68 votes) Displayed 20498 times
  • Unexpected Escape by Rafa After a party woke up in this strange room with several keys. Good luck and have fun! Average Rating: 66.3% (115 votes) Displayed 20100 times
  • DK Rap Escape by welchdrew Oh drat, locked in Donkey Kong's Rap House, escape before that gorilla gets back from fighting K.Rool!(Logic? Whats that?) Average Rating: 58.9% (54 votes) Displayed 18631 times
  • Key For Key Escape by TheMiniMiney Its my first game and it is a bit tricky (Maybe??) but I'm sure you will be able to do it. Average Rating: 75% (20 votes) Displayed 18168 times
  • Ware Wolf Escape by Jaxenator Your a blood thirsty ware wolf and you need to break out of the house you've been trapped in. Try to find all 3 endings. Average Rating: 47.1% (17 votes) Displayed 17992 times
  • Ams Enigma by aocin You found yourself locked inside a room which is as enigmatic as life itself is- uncertainty, unpredictable, adapting & evolving Average Rating: 55.8% (78 votes) Displayed 17909 times
  • Escape Nini xDs Room by ninixD My 1st escape game.. It's very simple but it'll require some thinking. Hope you all enjoy it. Average Rating: 48.1% (63 votes) Displayed 17840 times