Basic information

ROOM ESCAPE MAKER is a free online application to create Escape The Room games. Build challenging casual point and click games with puzzles, hidden objects, safes with combination locks, and much more.

YOU are game designer. And for free :-)

The community

You are more than welcome to be a part of the project. Follow ROOM ESCAPE MAKER on , Facebook and Google+. We'll be posting updates, games and more.

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Help creating games

If you need to know more about how to create your games, we recommend you to watch this amazing tutorial created by PhantomDarkness135.

Do you still have questions? You can always support (at) roomescapemaker . com contact us and we'll be more than pleased to help.

Publishing conditions

When you send a game to review, be sure you don't have anything else to change about it. If it becomes eligible for publishing, the url address will become unavailable for other games you'll have.

While on review, these are the reasons that may prevent us from validating your game:

  • Irrelevant title, keywords or description.
  • Description in other languages than English.
  • Any kind of spamming.
  • Any kind of copyright infringement.
  • Inappropriate texts or codes.
  • Simplicity (for example, tests with only one object to find in order to end the game).
  • Having another main challenge than having to get out of a room.
  • Objects being used as something completely different for no believable reason.
  • Objects floating around or being displayed without logic and context.
  • Having a view change too much after a click on something.
  • Mouse cursor changing when hovering something but no visual feedback after a click.
  • Bugs like when you click on some object and it keeps being added to the inventory on every click.
  • Weird library items being added to the inventory during the game (a hole or a darkness effect, for example).
  • General bugs that may prevent players from ending the game.
  • No ending.

Also, avoid having items to be added to the inventory during your game if these items are not going to be really useful. This may only confuse players.

Besides that, please note that even if you publish your game after our review, we reserve the right to unpublish it at any time if one of the conditions above is not respected.

Application compatibility

ROOM ESCAPE MAKER was tested on

  • Chrome 40.0.2214.94 m
  • Firefox 21.0
  • Safari 5.1.7
  • Opera 12.02
  • IE 9

Bug report

If the application have bugs or options you don't understand, please support (at) roomescapemaker . com contact us with detailed information and screen captures to let us know. We want to make this a great experience for you.

Terms and conditions

ROOM ESCAPE MAKER was created by Read the terms and conditions.


Update your games!

This version of ROOM ESCAPE MAKER is no longer supported. Please visit the new version and create your games there.

The new ROOM ESCAPE MAKER is here.

There it is! After almost 1 year working on this new version I am proud to announce that ROOM ESCAPE MAKER V2 is online 😍

A new version of ROOM ESCAPE MAKER is coming.

It's been 5 years since ROOM ESCAPE MAKER was launched and we thank you for been around and creating almost 10 000 games. We also had a lot of feedback during this time and today we think it is time to get to the next level with this project. A completely new version is coming this summer. Stay tuned :)

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