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  • House Sitting by wisdom They've gone, you've no phone or food, you need to get out, but they didn't say where they keep the spare front door card. Help! Average Rating: 75.5% (93 votes) Displayed 9848 times
  • The Waiting Room by wisdom You fall asleep in the doctor's restroom and awake to find everyone's gone home for the weekend. Find and use objects to escape. Average Rating: 74.4% (18 votes) Displayed 2391 times
  • The Perfume Code by wisdom Can you break the code and find the key to escape? Average Rating: 74.5% (22 votes) Displayed 2132 times
  • Jail Time by wisdom How much time will YOU you spend in jail before you can escape? Average Rating: 70.6% (15 votes) Displayed 1691 times