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  • Christmas16 by rustlertea Don't be late for the boss' Christmas party. Get out of the house. Average Rating: 95.5% (59 votes) Displayed 1561 times
  • Two Room Escape by rustlertea Escape the basement to the 1st floor. Then escape the first floor. Have fun! Average Rating: 94.7% (57 votes) Displayed 1037 times
  • Picture shelf by rustlertea This is my first attempt at creating a game. I hope you enjoy. Average Rating: 93.1% (57 votes) Displayed 1021 times
  • DINNER IS SERVED by rustlertea Simple. Serve dinner then you may leave. The door will open when your tables are set and food is served! Have Fun! Average Rating: 95.8% (39 votes) Displayed 345 times DINNER IS SERVEDDINNER IS SERVED by rustlertea
  • A Bird in the Hand by rustlertea The key is outside! You're on the 4th floor. No rope. How can you escape. Other keys are hidden well. Look twice. Have fun! Average Rating: 91.9% (22 votes) Displayed 269 times A Bird in the HandA Bird in the Hand by rustlertea