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  • anarchist escape by jones668 Capitalism is falling apart. You gotta get out of the squat and help overthrow the system once and for all. Hurry up! Average Rating: 62.9% (34 votes) Displayed 9809 times
  • poet escape by jones668 The poet's writing a poem but is running out of paper. Help her out of the room to buy some new, before inspiration fades. Average Rating: 55% (4 votes) Displayed 1842 times
  • Jailhouse Rock Escape by jones668 It's the 50's and you're locked up in prison for a crime you didn't commit. Your cell mate has disappeared, and so should you. Average Rating: 42.5% (8 votes) Displayed 1742 times
  • countryside escape by jones668 It's time to take care of your crops and animals but your pigs have locked you in. Find your way out and make bacon. Average Rating: 60% (8 votes) Displayed 1326 times