Find all Room Escape games created by ayesha.


  • House Escape by ayesha You went inside your home and all the rooms were locked. Escape from the Locked Rooms of your Home. Average Rating: 76.7% (6 votes) Displayed 1815 times
  • Maze by ayesha You went inside a maze and you got lost. Find you way out the Maze! Average Rating: 28% (5 votes) Displayed 932 times MazeMaze by ayesha
  • Small and Hard by ayesha Its very small and also hard! Average Rating: 68.6% (7 votes) Displayed 853 times Small and HardSmall and Hard by ayesha
  • Locked Kitchen by ayesha You went inside you own kitchen. You started cooking. Suddenly, the doors locked. Escape From The Kitchen! Average Rating: 75.1% (8 votes) Displayed 644 times Locked KitchenLocked Kitchen by ayesha