Find all Room Escape games created by SunBeater3K.


  • Elemental Escape the Air by SunBeater3K Floating in the open air; keep your guard and stay aware. Exit here with quiet murmur; find yourself on terra firma. Average Rating: 40% (5 votes) Displayed 1564 times
  • Elemental Escape the Water by SunBeater3K Drowning in the deepest water; Act to shun your pending slaughter. Here I issue this decree: Exit now, and out you'll flee. Average Rating: 28% (5 votes) Displayed 1536 times
  • Elemental Escape The Fire by SunBeater3K Trapped inside a wicked fire; let it not become your pyre. Hurry now, with fleeing feet: exit from this dreadful heat! Average Rating: 46.7% (3 votes) Displayed 1535 times