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  • Convivial Escape by Balin Christmas is a time of joy, not a time to be stuck in a random room. Escape and be glad - Merry Christmas! Average Rating: 73.4% (9 votes) Displayed 3127 times
  • Conjoined Escape by Balin Two ways out - or is it just one? Overcome obstacles to make your way past the iron door that blocks your path. Average Rating: 57.5% (8 votes) Displayed 1770 times
  • Constructive Escape by Balin Use the items around you to build machines, find the door, and make your way out of this crazy chamber! Average Rating: 60% (11 votes) Displayed 1466 times
  • Convivial Escape II by Balin On a cold December night, you're trapped here instead of home with friends and family. Solve puzzles, escape, and celebrate! Average Rating: 60% (2 votes) Displayed 789 times Convivial Escape IIConvivial Escape II by Balin