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  • A Quaint Room by TeaTimePro17 You're stuck in a quaint little room with a fireplace. Find keys and puzzles to unlock the door. Have fun and please rate. Average Rating: 92.7% (53 votes) Displayed 965 times A Quaint RoomA Quaint Room by TeaTimePro17
  • Contamination Chamber by TeaTimePro17 You're in the lab. You must escape the chamber without breathing toxic fumes. How long can you hold your breath?!? Average Rating: 93.5% (46 votes) Displayed 737 times Contamination ChamberContamination Chamber by TeaTimePro17
  • Plant Lovers Game by TeaTimePro17 Taking care of your friend's home but got locked inside. Do your job and find the code to leave. Average Rating: 89.3% (13 votes) Displayed 609 times Plant Lovers GamePlant Lovers Game by TeaTimePro17