Find all Room Escape games created by Crocea.


  • Quintuple Digit Escape by Crocea With items hidden all over this chamber and the key to your freedom concealed, figure out codes and make your way out! Average Rating: 72.4% (143 votes) Displayed 28584 times
  • Quintuple Key Escape by Crocea Loads of keys and plenty of keyholes. Solve puzzles and make your way past the door! Average Rating: 65.6% (40 votes) Displayed 12795 times
  • Quintuple Treasure Escape by Crocea Captured by a maniac who only loves five things in this world, make your escape and deprive him of them all.... Average Rating: 68.5% (7 votes) Displayed 1355 times
  • Quintuple Note Escape by Crocea Once again you find yourself in an unfamiliar room with strange gadgets. Use your surroundings to escape; don't be too clumsy! Average Rating: 52% (5 votes) Displayed 1222 times
  • Quintuple Rung Escape by Crocea Trapped in one more room, it's your job to solve the puzzles inside to find your way out of here! Average Rating: 55% (4 votes) Displayed 755 times Quintuple Rung EscapeQuintuple Rung Escape by Crocea